To the maxed-out biz owner questioning if she can really make a cozy living as an online course creator…

If you create a $497 course. And sell just two a week…

You’ll make an extra $51,000 a year.

Double that, and you’ll be clinking glasses to a cool six figures.

Perhaps after handing in your notice. Or slapping down a deposit on the beach house with the bay windows.

But – if you’re the go-getter I think you are – you don’t need another big fish selling you on the dream of becoming a course creator.

Because one way or another…

You’re going to make an online course.

You’re a natural creator with knowledge to spare. Values to share. And a vision that lights your soul on fire.

What you really want to know is this...

“Once I’ve created my course… will people actually buy it?”

☝️ This ☝️ question kept me up at night when I first launched in 2018. I was working in a beige office, grinding 9 to 5. I thought courses were my key to financial freedom. But my first course flopped. Hard.

So I tried again. I built a whole new course from scratch and prayed that this time would be different. But when launch day arrived… crickets. 🦗

I couldn’t understand what wasn’t working. Especially when I felt like I was giving away so much value.

Then out of nowhere, BOOM. I cracked the code.

Without running a live webinar or posting on social media, I made $1,000 in one afternoon. I thought it must be a fluke. But then the same thing happened again. And again.

All of a sudden, I was making a handsome salary selling courses on top of my day job. And it was happening in the background. While I was binge-watching seasons one through six of Schitt’s Creek.

If only I’d known back in 2018 what I know now, I could have handed in my notice a long time ago. And I’d have saved myself a whole lot of money, time, and heartache in the process.

$1,000 afternoons was the beginning of the Authentic Course Creation Method™

When I realized that what I was doing worked, I started assembling a repeatable strategy. So I could teach other burnt-out entrepreneurs how to get the same results.

The Authentic Course Creation Method™ is dedicated to building courses around what your audience craves and what you love to teach. And then using modern marketing methods, fresh funnels, and sensible scaling to empower nervous buyers to invest in themselves. And finish every single module in your course.

When you understand Authentic Course Creation Method, or ACCM™ , you understand:

And above all….

You understand that when you do the work – and build ACCM™  into the foundations of your course and sales process…

There really is no limit to how much money you can make.

And if, right now, you’re thinking:

“The tech drives me crazy.”

“The marketing makes my head spin.”

“I’m not even 100% sure what topic I’d teach…”

Or anything other than…

“I’ve freakin’ GOT THIS!!!”

Take a deep breath. And put what you think you know about the world of profitable online courses to one side… 

Because ALL the tools, answers, and actionable information you need to build, launch, and market your six-figure course… are on the other side of this white line. 


The ultimate, ROI-focused course on online courses for natural creators. Turn your shining passion into a profitable course business. One that cooks up passive income. Day and night. Even in a bustlin’ market.

"Now I know exactly what to do..."

“I needed passive income, and have already tried other courses about making courses, but couldn’t relate to any. When I saw this one, I knew I could relate to Becca’s style of communication. Now I know exactly what to do and will start in the coming months. The copywriting templates are a big help. I’m very happy I came across this course!”

– Alexandra

Word classes for writers

A place for determined course creators to commit to long-term, life-changing growth!

Be location - independent

Make a meaningful impact

Recession-proof your business

Multiply your income

Work fewer hours

Do more of what you love

"Becca provides action steps after each to help move you along in your journey..."

When I started taking Course College, I wasn’t sure if building a course was the right decision for my business. After taking the first three modules, I’m already super eager to start! I appreciated the format of the course. The modules are short and to the point, and Becca provides action steps after each to help move you along in your journey. If you’re ready to start building a course and want someone to guide you through the entire process, I recommend Course College!

– Flora

Get coached through the five essential stages of building a six-figure course business from scratch.

So you can avoid getting paralyzed with indecisiveness because you don’t know how to format your content. Or pouring hours into a great course no one knows exists because you don’t have a real marketing strategy.

These highly lucrative skills aren’t dripped across multiple programs & upsells. You’ll get access to the complete A to Z training in one, self-paced bundle. With step-by-step tutorials for every tech hurdle. Big or small.

"The course breaks down the whole process to a degree that can help anyone, even the beginner-est beginner."

Before joining Course College, I knew that I wanted to create a course, but I had no idea where to start. Becca has covered every detail so specifically that I know know EXACTLY how and where to start, and I’m confident that I can create (and sell!) an amazing course. I highly recommend!

– Karis Hollis


Alex grew her email list to 3,608. Now she makes $7,500/month.

“Becca showed me how to grow my traffic and email list (which has gone from 111 before the course to 3,608 after). With the huge traffic increase I’ve seen, plus the new email subscribers, I’ve been making about $7,500 a month!”

ALEX, blogger

Each meticulous module is packed out with practical how-to’s, bonus masterclasses, and tech tutorials.


Build a solid foundation for serious ROI.

Define your niche and audience. Follow my methodological process for understanding what customers want from your course. So you’re never left doubting the legitimate quality of what you’ve produced.


Build an email list of ready-to-buy subscribers.

Fill your list with people that care about your niche. With a proven lead gen funnel you’ll roll out in five painless steps. So you can get your course in front of ready-to-buy prospects that are hungry for your offer.


Create quality content that commands a high price point.

Get customers leaping at the opportunity to recommend your course by creating polished, digestible content. Design mouthwatering bonuses. And package your knowledge in a friction-free format people love.


Monetize your course before you’ve finished building it.

This simple pre-sell system eliminates launch panic by validating interest in your course before you go live. Use it to get a well-timed cash injection. Or plan your post-launch, all-inclusive vacation.


Create a million-dollar sales page. Rocket your conversions.

Your sales page is your best discovery call in print. Quadruple your sales by crafting high-converting copy with my personal launch copywriter. And create a premium sales page with my go-to funnel designer.


10X your launch revenue. With this foolproof marketing strategy.

Explode your visibility with the Easy “YES” Webinar Model. Scoop up more conversions with strategic “Show Up” emails. And get people engaging with your pitch by means of our authentic value system. (Perfect for introverts!)


Drive more traffic. Amplify your sales.

The Stepping Stone Scaling ™ method reveals how to set up & run Facebook ads without rouletting your ad spend. Learn how to incrementally scale your investment. So you can exponentially scale your profits. Even if you don’t know a CBO from a CPL. Or have a $25 budget.


Kick off with a champagne-popping live launch.

Choose between three launch models based on your budget and personality type. Flood your sales page with qualified traffic using strategic visibility methods. And get nitty-gritty details on what goes into a wildly successful launch.


Multiply student success stories. By delivering a first-rate course experience.

Deliver a premium experience by building feedback & new modes of accountability into your course. Get more students to complete your program. And receive thank you emails. Not refund requests.



Turn your course into passive income on-demand.

Now that you’ve validated, created, and launched your new course, it’s time to automate the entire process. So you can collect passive income month after month. And rip the lid off your income.

By far the most in-depth module, this course-in-a-course walks you through how to set up your automated funnel. Which coaches visitors into buyers all around the clock.

There’s some pretty advanced tech stuff in here. But don’t panic, I’ll hold your hand through the entire process. And once it’s set up, your funnel will continue to fund you months and years from now. (Even if you’re a self-proclaimed technophobe!)

"This is definitely a short-cut..."

I am like many service providers in that most of my income comes from 1:1 coaching & consulting. In order to scale, I know I need to create a suite of digital products. Unfortunately, the tech side of creating said suite is overwhelming and I hate not knowing how everything goes together. Course College literally lays out everything in step by step order. And there are plenty of tutorials and templates. There is no way to mess this up! I’m still at the starting stages of developing my course business, but this is definitely a short-cut.

– Tricia King, Performance psychology

Another great thing about Course College?

You can make back your investment long before you launch.

Course College is designed for maximum, long-term ROI. But before you reach passive income territory, there are plenty of opportunities to cash in your progress along the way.

"The copywriting templates alone are worth joining..."

“Before starting this program I wasn’t clear on my course format and target. With Course College I’m all set with my course and implementing my funnel with that. The copywriting templates alone are worth joining, but there is so much more to love about this course! I’m ready to launch!”

– Paul, Marketing

Oh, and the BONUSES!

Borrow my A-team with data-backed templates and frameworks from launch copywriting veteran, Abi Prendergast.


Fire up your launch with…

The Ultimate Course Creator Funnel Pack

Halve your writing time. Double your conversions.

Avoid outsourcing costs by DIYing your entire funnel. With fill-in-the-blank copywriting templates and frameworks for every step of your launch. 

But wait! These aren’t your typical templates. Get coached through writing copy that sets you apart from everyone else. So you can steer clear of cringeworthy marketing tactics. And empower your audience to invest in their growth.

Included in your BONUS Copywriting Pack:

VALUED AT $1,997!!

Your templates are based on marketing campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in revenue

“Abi wrote copy for literally hundreds of ads for our clients, most of whom sell digital products. These ads were used in campaigns that allowed our clients to grow rapidly, seeing their monthly profits grow by 3x, 5x, 10x, and more over the course of a few months.”

– RONALD KIMMONs, CEO of Wingfire Media

Hold up, there's more!

That’s a grand total of 50+ templates. Yours forever, when you enroll in Course College.

These templates have the power to TRIPLE your conversion rates!

“I hired Abi because my sales page had a very low conversion rate. She researched my course and was able to clarify, in words, and bring to life all the value in the course. Her copywriting immediately gave me a better feeling about the course. In around 3 weeks my conversion rate tripled. The copywriting was flawless. Definitely using next time.”

– ERIC PETRUS, Profitable Course Creator


Borrow my designer with…

The Sales Page Design Pack

Transform your high-converting copy into a swoon-worthy sales page. Choose between TWO unique templates. Designed by my personal funnel designer, Amanda Genther.

VALUE: $1,997

“Using one of Amanda’s templates was such a timesaver! It allowed me to get my course out into the world within a day or two… instead of a week or more. It’s the perfect solution for anyone wanting to customize their sales page easily and quickly. You won’t regret it.”

– Jana Bishop, fb ads coach

My sales page template got me a 30K launch. Best part is, my launch isn’t even over yet; I expect to easily double that amount in the next few weeks. Talk about ROI!! Not only will Amanda’s templates get you results, they’re all freakin’ gorgeous and super easy to use – even if you’re a total beginner or don’t consider yourself “tech-savvy”.”

– Melynda Smith, business coach

Hold yourself accountable with a healthy dose of peer pressure. And a generous scoop of real-person connection.

Connect with other determined course creators inside my students-only Facebook group. Bounce ideas around. Find committed beta testers. And enjoy high fives all around when you pull the trigger on your big launch.

Twice a month, my doors are open for 1:1 office hours. Talk to me about pricing, launch anxieties, lead generation… whatever’s on your mind. And I’ll hit you back with answers you can implement right away.

VALUED AT $1,997!!

"You've got someone in your corner helping you and cheering you on."

Before joining the course I was just jotting down ideas for a course in my business journal. I joined the course because I have been thinking about starting a course as an additional income stream for my business; Not to mention, I’ve also use Becca’s Break into Blogging course previously and it was extremely helpful in getting more traffic to my blog. So far I have started to research the topic of the course I want to make. I’ve also started to work on building my email list to start getting interest in the course. As always, the personal stories Becca shares about her journey, makes the course feel more personal and relatable. It makes you feel like you’ve got someone in your corner helping you and cheering you on.

– Nicole, freelancing

Any time you have a tech question, jump to the relevant tutorial inside the Tech Vault.

Includes over-the-shoulder tech walkthroughs of:

And no, you don’t have to use all these tools to see results. Choose what tech you’ll implement. And leave the rest.

You don't have to be tech savvy to get the most out of Course College

I knew I wanted to created a course and knew it would take a lot of work… but wasn’t sure of the technical aspects. After going through the first three modules, I know that when I do create a course, I will be back here going step-by-step through each lesson. And taking advantage of 1:1 office hours for the questions I will have in between. #nottechsavvy. Even for someone not tech savvy, everything is laid out beautifully and is really simple. The templates and expense sheets are amazing additions!

– Brittany, Mental health

Top up your business knowledge with lessons from guest experts inside the Masterclass Vault.

How to design a sales page for your course

Amanda Genther

How to build a brand for your course to attract premium buyers

Rana Hassaan

How to write a high-converting sales page without sounding salesy

Abi Prendergast

Create it. Launch it. Evergreen it.

Get the unshakable confidence you need to turn your shining passion into a profitable course business.


$247/month x 5


$347/month x 6

Snag TWO exclusive bonuses on top of your special discount:


How to Get Great Testimonials

Ramp up your sales with this BONUS module on collecting testimonials like dust to an antique. (Works great for blogs & services too!)

VALUE: $197


Borrow My designer! Facebook Ads Graphic Pack

Whip up gorgeous Facebook ads in minutes with Amanda Genther’s unbeatable graphic pack. (Swipe ‘em for your Insta posts too!)

VALUE: $197

Your $500 discount disappears in…


*Save an additional $238 and get TWO extra bonuses when you pay in full.

14-day money-back guarantee. Instant access. 


Social Media For Launching

Become a master of the organic launch. Create social media posts that translate into bona fide course sales. With this bonus masterclass from social media expert, Emily Brandenburg.

VALUE: $297


Instagram Graphics Pack

Implement your new profit-boosting social media strategy with these plug ‘n’ play Instagram graphics.

VALUE: $97

Darcy made $12,800 on her first launch!

“I’ve got about 2,600 people on my email list now (and growing!) and I just launched my first course and made $12,800 doing it!”

Darcy, Blogger + Course Creator

It takes a course creator with a proven track record to create a system that repeatedly turns content into cash.

Meet the creator of Course College:

Becca Klein

Hey! Becca here – creator of Course College and the popular blogging course, Break Into Blogging.

I built my first course so I could have more time-money freedom while empowering bloggers to go full-time doing what they love.

But being an introvert, launching took it out of me. So I experimented with ways to create launch-sized profits without having to show up live all the time.

These days, my course business is almost entirely automated. So my course churns out passive income when I’m picking my sister up from the airport. Or taking an impromptu nap.

Want something like that?

Course College will show you how!

Together, my team and I have turned my $497 course into my primary source of income.

Collectively, we’ve been featured in:

And our empowerment-focused strategies have generated HUGE profits for our clients and students.

“Sales are up by 240% from my last launch!”

“APT Content reworked the copy on my sales page to clarify the value of the offer. The way Abi positioned it was spot on. I just closed cart and I am SO happy with the results. Sales are up by 240% from my last launch! Abi gave lots of helpful suggestions for optimizing the page for conversions and the results speak for themselves. Thanks again Abi. You are awesome!!”

– JAVERIYA SID, Founder of SVG Business Boss

Top launch agencies rely on Abi’s copy chops to support their million-dollar clients

“Abi is a sharp, empathetic, and intuitive writer who consensually crawls into a client’s brain to unleash unbelievably creative, high-converting copy that sounds just like them (only better)! She has a strong grasp of all the latest strategies and techniques and creatively folds them into her copy in a fun and fresh way. I love working with someone so curious, professional, and kind. Abi is also just a delightful human. No notes!”

– EMILY MCGREGGOR, Founder of PenguinCat Creative

Aren’t you curious how we do it?

Course College is for you if…

Course College might NOT be for you if…

Here’s what happens next…

Get the unshakable confidence you need to turn your shining passion into a profitable course business.


$247/month x 5


$347/month x 6

Your $500 discount disappears in…


*Save an additional $238 and get TWO extra bonuses when you pay in full.


Social Media For Launching

Become a master of the organic launch. Create social media posts that translate into bona fide course sales. With this bonus masterclass from social media expert, XXX.

VALUE: $297


Instagram Graphics Pack

Implement your new profit-boosting social media strategy with these plug ‘n’ play Instagram graphics.

VALUE: $97

I want you to be 100% satisfied with Course College™, and I’m confident that you will be. So try it out for 2 weeks, and if we haven’t delivered what we’ve promised, just email us within 2 weeks of purchase, and you’ll receive a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Enrolling is risk-free!


Yep, you get lifetime access (including all future updates).
Here are more answers:

Instant access! As soon as you enroll, you’ll get an email from my course platform, Thrivecart, with your log-in instructions. Log into the course site, and 100% of the material will be there waiting for you!

The Course College philosophy is to commit to slow, sensational growth. Which means if you implement every lesson as intended, it should take you between 3 – 6 months to start making consistent passive income with your course.

If you’re looking to get a quick cash injection before you build your signature course, you can whiz through the course creation and launch modules to get up and running in 30 days.

No worries! I’ll show you how to build an email list from scratch inside module two. And I’ll show you how to launch with a small email list in module nine!

I don’t expect you to go through the entire course on your first round. In fact, my hope is that you’ll work through each module slowly and carefully, implementing as you go.  There are several modules (like the Facebook Ads crash course) that you might choose to ignore until you’re already making money from your course.

To answer your question, you won’t need to go through every single lesson to see results. Many of the tech lessons are optional (I like to give a choice between paid tools and free tools). And you’ll choose your launch route based on how much time you’re prepared to put into promoting your course.

And ultimately, even if you work through one third of the course… you’ll get your money’s worth. Especially since the bonuses alone are valued at $5,000+.

Absolutely. I’ll teach you how to pre-record your slides so you never need to show your face on camera. Even when you’re building your webinar funnel inside module six.

Good question! There are a few courses out there on course creation. But I’m yet to encounter another program that teaches you how to build a thriving course business

Course College isn’t just about building your course. It’s about launching, promoting, scaling… and turning it into a reliable source of passive income. 

You won’t find such a comprehensive program out there for this price point. Especially not with 50+ free templates from my A-team.

If you’ve made it this far down the page, my guess is that you do have some idea of what you’d create a course on. Even if it’s just an inkling. 

I’ll show you how to take that inkling and flesh it out into a niched-down, ROI-focused content plan. And then we’ll transform that plan into a popular course that cooks up passive income around the clock.

The Facebook Ads module is all about scaling. So it’s perfect for multiplying your sales once you’ve validated your course.

But I’ll also teach organic methods for launching and evergreening your course. Which means you’re free to skip over the module if you’re not ready for ads. Although chances are, you’ll come back to it later when you’re ready to 10X your profits.

The majority of the tools I advocate in this course are free or affordable. I’m not an advocate for all-in-one tools like Kajabi. The course creation platform I recommend is a one-time investment, so you won’t need to worry about recurring monthly costs to keep your course active.

Many of the paid tools in this program are optional. Or you’ll implement them once you’re already making money with your course – as part of your scaling strategy. 

If you’re concerned about cost, pop me an email at I’m happy to answer your questions.

Not at all. I include step-by-step video walkthroughs for every piece of tech you’ll implement. And if you’re still stuck, you can drop me a line in my Facebook group or during office hours. So the extra tech support is there if you need it.

I’m so confident that you’re gonna love Course College, that you’re covered by my 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. Meaning that if you enroll and then decide it’s not for you, email me at to get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

A quick recap of everything you’re getting:

Lifetime access to ALL lessons inside Course College (VALUE: $3,997)


The Ultimate Course Creator Funnel Pack (VALUE: $1,997)

TWO Plug ‘n’ Play DFY Sales Page Design Templates (VALUE: $1,997)

Plus, you’ll get: (VALUE: $2,497)


How to Get Great Testimonials


Borrow My designer! Facebook Ads Graphic Pack


Social Media For Launching


Instagram Graphics Pack

TOTAL VALUE: $10,488

Need a little extra hand-holding?

Go VIP to get…

$200K+ revenue with ONE $297 course

“Abi wrote the copy for my high-ticket course. So far, it has sold 50x better than my last low-ticket offer. I was impressed by how much goes into producing a high-converting sales page. Every decision was thought-out and justified. I felt like I was in the safe hands of an expert. And it shows even more so in the results.”

ED HARMOUSH, Evergreen Course Creator

A final note from me to you…

So, you’re almost 99% confident that you want to enroll. And scale your business to $10K, $20K… $100K+ a month with an online course.

The only thing holding you back is that pesky voice in the back of your head that fears this will end up another course you don’t get around to finishing. 

But that naysayer doesn’t understand how much you want this… how long you’ve fantasized about creating passive income. Or that failure isn’t an option for you.

Plus, this isn’t like the hands-off courses that have let you down in the past. I’ve designed Course College to help you experience financial growth at every stage. To hold you accountable while you create your dream lifestyle. 

And when you follow my proven process… and commit to teaching the things you’re passionate about – in a valuable format people love…

You too can make $1,000 while cozying up in front of the TV. And bounce out of bed knowing you’re making a living doing what you love most. 

I’m so excited for all you’re about to achieve.

You’ve got this,


Create it. Launch it. Evergreen it.

Get the unshakable confidence you need to turn your shining passion into a profitable course business.


$247/month x 5


$347/month x 6

Your $500 discount disappears in…


*Save an additional $238 and get TWO extra bonuses when you pay in full.


Social Media For Launching

Become a master of the organic launch. Create social media posts that translate into bona fide course sales. With this bonus masterclass from social media expert, XXX.

VALUE: $297


Instagram Graphics Pack

Implement your new profit-boosting social media strategy with these plug ‘n’ play Instagram graphics.

VALUE: $97

"Now I'm able to focus and know exactly how to start, what to do, and how to structure it."

I wanted to create a course for my blog, but was stuck on how to get started. Now I’m able to focus and know exactly how to start, what to do, and how to structure it. The course was easy to work through and I loved the copywriting templates. The sales page template in particularl really helped me figure out what I can say in the sales pages. I plan on using it for more than just online courses.

– Amanda, Homemaking

Earnings disclaimer

There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the information displayed in the Course. You should not rely on any revenue, sales, or earnings information that We present as any kind of promise, guarantee, or expectation of any level of earnings.